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Why We Created GiftWow

GiftWow wants to bring back the joy of giving and receiving Great Gifts!

Remember when you were a kid, how excited you were to unwrap a gift? You didn't know what it was, but you knew it would be great. Shopping for gifts also used to be fun. Then one day, we grew up... and the gifts started to feel... "run-of-the-mill". Even worse, people would buy us things we didn't even want. Finding great gifts became a chore and many people defaulted to sending "gift cards". That was just a fancy way of giving cash, and didn't have the same sense of excitement we used to have.

My young son reminded me that gifts should fill us with glee...

At GiftWow, we want to bring the fun back to getting, giving and buying gifts. It can be hard to shop online and pour over thousands of items to find something "just right" and at your budget. We have professionals that spend all day looking at and thinking about gifts. They know what's new, what's hot, and what kind of people love each item. We get joy in "putting an end to bad gifts". Hopefully, we can put some joy back into your gift giving!

Why You Should Let GiftWow find your next Great Gift

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Our site is completely free for you. We get paid by our merchants when we introduce you to the perfect gift. You won’t pay any more to buy through us versus going to the merchant directly. So think of us as your Free Personal Shopper.

We shop a ton of specialty sites you might not ever find, for the best Interest Based gifts around

We'll search thousands of possible gifts and present you with the best matches for your recipient profile.

We’ll Make you a Gift Giving Ninja!

We can remind you about upcoming gift giving occasions, find highly rated gifts and update you on the latest and greatest new gift additions for the passions and pastimes of your loved ones.

Your time is valuable. Let us do the digging.

Searching online or walking through malls takes a lot of time. Use our gift selection expertise to save you time and energy.

A Word from GiftWow's Founder

Tony Clemendor

Tony Clemendor

CEO & Founder

People have asked me why we built GiftWow around "Interests" and "Curated Collections"...

Think about how you shop for gifts right now. If you are like many people, you start by thinking "what would my recipient like?" (although you probably don't call them "recipient"). Sometimes you know, because they've told you. Sometimes, that's a hard question to answer. That's one of the reasons why gift cards became so popular. Remove guessing from the equation and let them get whatever they want. But gift cards are not ideal for every occasion (A gift card Anniversary gift?) and a lot of them go unused (almost $1 billion annually - that's money you wasted).

Next you might think about what they like to do and if there is something related to that interest or activity that you could give them. There are potentially two problems with that: First, if you don't share their particular interest, you may not know what makes a great gift for a person into "cycling", for example. Sure you can cruise the Cycling specialty shops, but if you are not a cyclist, you may not know what's great and what's not. Plus there are a ton of specialty cycling shops. How do you find the one with great selection, prices and quality items? The second problem, is that there are some things that an avid cyclist (or tv/movie lover, or sports fan) would probably already purchased for themselves. How do you find items they are not likely to already own?

We designed our Curated Catalogs to be a good starting point. We look for items that fit well with people's passions, but which they may not already have. We add and delete products constantly because we believe in quality over quantity. When we hear about, or find, a great new product, we add it. If we hear that a product isn't as great as we thought, we remove it. We are your your personal gift shopper and quality control all rolled into one. All you need to know is: "what's their passion?" If they have more than one passion, you can combine Collections.

Mix, match and create a special Custom Catalog of items suited for one special recipient. Save the Custom Catalog and use it whenever it's time to buy another gift. Just pull up their catalog, change the occasion, adjust the budget, and you have a perfect list. When gifts are added to our curated catalogs that fit one of your custom catalogs, we can let you know or just add it to your catalog so that you'll see "New" items that would be great for your recipient.

Whether you are looking for Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Dad, Birthday Gift Ideas, Anniversary Gift ideas, or just something to say "I was thinking about you", starting with something they love to DO gives you a good start on finding a gift they'll love to HAVE.

We're working hard to make GiftWow your "go to" gift buying site. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please shoot me a quick email.