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Why Use GiftWow?

Because we're here to help you discover great gift ideas based on a little of what you know about the recipient. Also because you get the benefit of professional shoppers, who scan 1,000's of products from 100's of websites, read reviews, analyze quality and find the best sources. Then we make it easy for you to create a custom catalog of the gifts that fit your recipient best, or to simply find and purchase the one perfect gift you know they'll love. In other words, it will save you time, find the best gifts, and make you a gift giving hero.

We created GiftWow because we realized that if you don't start with something specific in mind for someone, it's hard to find great gifts. There are thousands of possibilities, from way too many websites, and narrowing down the choices can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We know! We spend our days combing through those haystacks so that you don't have to. We search general product sites, gift sites, specialty product sites, actually just about anyplace we think there are potentially great gifts for her, for him, or whoever you are shopping for.

We catalog the gifts into collections based on recipient interests, your relationship with them, their age, etc. Then we let you filter on simple things like budget. That alone will save you time looking at gifts that are not even relevant for your current search. Then we let you use our filters to narrow or expand the field by adding other interests or information about the recipient. Think of your great in-store experiences where a salesperson helped you find just what you were looking for. That's our goal.

How Do You Use GiftWow to quickly find the Best Gifts, Unique Gifts, Cool Gifts or even Experience Gifts?

There are two main ways to use our site: Browse the Curated Gift Collections or use our Gift Match Search Filters. Our goal is to be easy to use, and as people use the site, we have been making it a little easier each day.

To browse the Curated Collections, go to our Current Collections page and start with the one that strikes you as most relevant to your intended recipient. Don't worry too much about picking the "best" collection, you can add other interests and information once you see the initial collection. That way, if the recipient likes "wine" and "photography", you can see all of the best wine and photography offerings together and pick the one you think they'll like most.

If you want to let us help you from the start, use our "Find a Perfect Gift" tool and tell us just enough about the person so that we have a good idea which gifts might be the best fit. Again, you can add or change information to help narrow the gift suggestions so that you don't have to scroll dozens of pages of things that don’t fit for some reason.

With either approach, you can "save" the items you like best to a custom catalog for that particular recipient. That way, you can go back and pick from the best of what you saw.

We hope you’ll make GiftWow a habit when you need Birthday gift ideas, Anniversary gift ideas, Mother's Day gift ideas, Graduation gift ideas, etc. We want to make it quick and easy for you to find great gifts. Looking for gift ideas for mom or dad, gifts for him, gifts for her, or gifts for a good friend? We can help.